Top 7 Ice Cream Sandwich Recipes

There aren't many people out there who don't like a good frozen dessert. Whether it is ice cream, frozen yogurt or sherbet, recipes abound to help tantalise your taste buds and answer your cravings for something ice cold and sweet. Nothing is better than a list of top recipes to help you create the frozen sweet you want. If you like your sandwiches sweet and frozen, here are a few recipes to keep you happy.

1. There is nothing like a traditional vanilla frozen sandwich. Assembling it with a brownie crust makes it highly delectable. Just remember, it doesn't have to be plain to be delicious. Use the finest ingredients for a truly great ice cream sandwich.

2. A close second to the vanilla sandwich is the good Dutch chocolate sandwich made with your choice of crust. You can go with the standard devil's food or brownies or perhaps go for a vanilla or peanut butter flavoured crust to take it to the next level.

3. If you'd like to try something a little different, you might want to go for a lemon filled sandwich with a blueberry swirl. Encase the frozen goodness with a blonde brownie recipe for a really enjoyable treat. Lemon zest makes a tasty extra that goes so well with the blueberries.

4. If you're looking for that perfect chocolate and banana combination with a little extra, check out a chocolate chip and banana sandwich recipe. Making the filling using well ripened bananas with a delicious chocolate chip cookie crust is what makes this treat worth your while.

5. When trying out new recipes, you can't go wrong with the Sicilian. Made with a brioche crust known for its buttery goodness, use hazelnut or pistachio gelato along with delicious bittersweet chocolate chunks to make a sandwich worthy of its Italian heritage.

6. If you decide to go for something on the culinary cutting edge, a gingersnap crust with a tart lemon filling might just be what you're looking for. Make the lemon flavoured filling from scratch with whole milk and fresh ingredients for the best result. Make your gingersnaps from scratch too for the freshest tasting crust.

7. Top your list of favourites with a truly wonderful and fresh Almond Florentine crust with a black raspberry chip filling. Chocolate coated florentines are what gives this recipe that special classic raspberry/chocolate combination.

As you can see, ice cream sandwich recipes abound in the dessert world. You're really only limited by your own imagination. If you can think of a combination, it surely can be made. Keep that in mind the next time you're in the mood for a delicious ice cream sandwich, and your options will be endless.