How to Make a Fantastic Ice Cream Cake For Your Child's Birthday

Ice cream cakes are expensive, yet they taste great and are a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday especially for a young child. It today's economy it's important to make sure every penny is accounted for, so are these store bought cakes worth it? The answer, if you already have some basic cake making equipment, is no.

The cake is just as easy to make as any other, and a even a bit simpler than many others that I've made. You can picj up all the ingredients for much cheaper than what you'd pay for a full cake and if you make it yourself you can have it exactly as you'd want it, from extra ingredients to size and even personalized frosting.

First of all you'll need two same diameter cake tins, 9 inch ones work well. Get your ice cream out and leave it to soften. You do not want it to melt and a microwave is too powerful to control the melting rate. If you let it melt too much then all of the air will come out of the churned dessert, you'll be left with an unappetizing mess.

Once it's started to soften fill up your tin that you've lined with plastic. Push the mixture into all of the corners and add to it layer by layer until it is full. Cover with more plastic, then tinfoil and put back into the freezer. Let it refreeze for at least a couple of hours.

Now you can make a sponge base or whatever else you'd like to be included with the cake. If you do, let it cool, invert the ice cream take away all the packaging and put it on top. Stack one on top of the other, wrap everything in plastic again and put it back into the freezer. Leave everything you've added for at least 3 hours, remove and take away all of the plastic. Frost just like any other cake than serve, eat and enjoy!