Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Naturally with homemade ice cream recipes you do need an ice cream making machine which can vary in price from around $30.00 and upwards. At these prices it can be well worth making your own ice cream and not just for those special occasions.

The great thing about homemade ice cream recipes is that you can put whatever ingredients you fancy in them. You can also make them to suit everyone's taste like sugar free, low calorie, non-dairy or even the great creamy regular ice cream.

You can use all kinds of fruit for the ingredients, apples, pears, apricots, plums, berries of all sorts, bananas, kiwi fruit, lemons, oranges and the list goes on. Somewhere there will be an ingredient to suit almost anyone's taste even if it is exotic.

Here's a tidbit that you may not have known, ice cream was said to have been invented by a French Chef of King Charles the 1st who apparently dished it up as a dessert after a sumptuous state banquet.

King Charles has even been alleged to have paid his chef a princely sum so that he did not share the ingredients of his delightful dish to anyone but instead keep it for the royal personage only. Naturally like all best kept secrets they get out in the end.

To this day it is not known whether Ice Cream was invented or came about naturally because even in the roman era it was known that something similar to ice cream was also around in the time of the Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar. It has been said that he sent slaves to the mountains to bring back ice and snow to cool or freeze the fruit drinks that he was said to be fond of.

One can even imagine times before that when water was frozen over that people would mix some kind of fruit with snow or ice to take as a substitute for frozen water or even to give it some taste. After all this is how wine and beer came about.

What we can be sure of is that ice cream in one form or another is around to stay and we should make the most of it. Ice cream is the delicious treat that finishes off a great meal, party or that very special occasion for nearly everyone.

In the extremely hot weather it is great for that cooling refreshing sensation that it gives you as you enjoy it in the heat of the day or night. To have it everyday would be an indulgence that may be a bit too much for most of us but as there are a great variety of recipes it is now nearly possible to get ice cream that is almost good enough to eat daily.

For the health conscious amongst us it is still only for the occasional treat, but what a treat! If you fancy getting around to making your own homemade ice cream recipes but you don't have a clue on how or where to start then you may wish to try the link in my bio.

Happy Homemade Ice cream recipes!