Low Fat Ice Cream Recipes You Can Try At Home

Are you longing to eat an ice cream without feeling guilty after having one? Do not fret! Many low fat ice cream recipes are now available. There are also easy to make low fat ice cream recipes you can easily follow. Some recipes are also made by dairy companies and you can always grab one of their products in supermarkets.

More and more people are weight conscious nowadays. If there is low fat milk, there is also low fat ice cream! Learn from the following recipes and enjoy making one at home.

Low Fat Strawberry Ice Cream

You will need to prepare 2-3 cups of strawberries and apples (crushed), 5-6 cups of skimmed milk (soya milk is also good for this one), 2 cups of honey or maple syrup, 1 can of evaporated milk, instant sugar-free vanilla pudding (optional). Mix all ingredients together, make sure to mix it well so that a good flavor consistency is achieved. Put it in a container and freeze for 30 minutes to one hour. Enjoy! You can also try other fruit combinations.

Banana Ice Cream

Peel Cavendish Bananas (ripe) then cut it into small slices and freeze it in one or two hours. Remove the sliced Bananas and transfer it to the blender. Blend the fruit until you get the consistency of an ice cream. Sprinkle in some of your favorite nuts and dried fruits to enrich the flavor. You can try this recipe with fruits like Mango or Lychee.

Low Fat Pineapple Ice Cream

In this recipe, you will need, one half cup of Pineapple (crushed), two tablespoon of non-fat dry milk, 4 packets of low calorie sweetener, 12 ice cubes, one chunk of Pineapple, one slice of Banana (according to your choice) and one piece of Maraschino cherry. Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend it until you achieve the desirable consistency. You can also make it pulpy (bits and pulp of fruit ingredients) emphasizing the flavor of each fruit. Freeze it for thirty to forty five minutes, garnish and serve.

Traditional Homemade Ice Cream

You will need one half cup of skimmed milk, 3 teaspoons of honey (instead of using sugar), one fourth vanilla extract (you can choose other flavors), fifteen pieces of ice cubes (crushed), and a pint of salt. Mix together the skimmed milk, honey and vanilla extract, add the pint of salt, and mix it well with the crushed ice cubes. To make your traditional homemade ice cream, mix it with nuts (almonds, pistachios, and walnuts), berries or granola if you want. Freeze for thirty minutes to one hour. Share it with friends and enjoy.

Low fat ice creams can be enjoyed by anyone. Instead of using sugar, a good alternative to it is honey or you can use the maple syrup. With these easy low fat ice cream recipes, the first teaspoonful experience is a taste of sweet-creamy dessert slowly melting in your mouth. Have as much as you want, guilt-free!

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