Healthy Ice Cream Recipe

The history of ice cream started at 400 B.C. when people in Persia started to serve snow with grape syrup in a bowl. It was usually served when the weather was hot. They get the snow from the mountains near Tehran and preserve it 60 meters beneath the ground. The cooling chamber was called "yakhcal".

Later on, the Persian invented a special chilled food made of rose water and vermicelli (it is a kind of pasta that is smaller than spaghetti) which was served in summer. They mixed ice with saffron (a kind of spice), fruits, and other flavoring ingredients.

The Arabian was the first to use milk as the main ingredient of ice cream. Ice cream was then sweeter due to the use of sugar instead of fruit juices. In early 10th century, ice cream was increasingly popular to all countries in Arabian Peninsula like Baghdad, Damascus, and Cairo. Other than milk, their version of ice cream often used yogurt, rose water, dried fruits, and nuts.

Flavored ice originated in France in 1674. On the other hand, the first ice cream recipe appeared in early 18th century in England and America, which was published in a book titled 'Mrs. Mary Eales's Recipe' in London in 1718. More creations of ice cream were invented later one, like the following we are going to make.

For 10 servings


- 300 ml of skim milk
- 200 grams of banana
- 40 grams of brown sugar
- Half a tablespoon of cornstarch
- 40 grams of whey protein powder

How to make it:

1. Mix the milk, brown sugar, and cornstarch in a saucepan. Bring them to a boil with medium heat.
2. When it is a little colder (warm enough), put in the banana and mix them well.
3. Wait until it is cold enough or close to room temperature, pour the whey protein powder into it. Whisk it.
4. Put it into the refrigerator and freeze it for one night (at least for 8 hours).
5. Get it out from the refrigerator, turn the mixer to high speed and whisk it for a while.
6. Refrigerate it again for another one hour.
7. Get it out from the refrigerator, whisk it with mixer again.
8. Ready to serve.

Nutrition facts per serving

- Energy: 52 calories
- Fat: 0.5 gram
- Carbohydrate: 7.3 gram
- Fiber: 0.5 gram
- Protein: 4.4 gram

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